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Meet the Team

"Siren" Balzhiser, Co-Author

"High EQ exerts positive influence across large groups."

"Nasty" Luber, Co-Author

"Surrender control to a higher being and remember your why."

"Slap" Goldsworthy, Co-Author

"You are not entitled to anything you don't earn."

"Freddy" Kreuder, Co-Author

"Rather than focusing on the parts of control that remain an illusion, concentrate on the variables."

"Popeye" McKernan, Co-Author

"Consider the potential outcomes before acting and learn from the results."

"HaK" Savageau, Co-Author

"Great risk has brought great reward, but not without innumerable ups and downs."

"Vapor" Sullivan, Co-Author

"No matter how bad the situation, there are others going through tougher times than you."

"Rudy" Fletcher, Co-Author

"Communicators must allow their passion to drive their words and purpose."

"Odie" Slocum, Co-Author

"One person can make a profound difference in an organization.  Why not you?"

"Swat" Holstege, Co-Author

"No one owes you anything - there are a lot of good people in this world that want to see you succeed."

"Creature" Cretella, Co-Author

"Be conscious of your situation and reaction."

"Mulligan" Marslender, Co-Author

"The best-laid plans do not always pan out."

"Smokin" Charron, Co-Author

"Naysayers are everywhere; make good choices along the way and your path will become clearer."

"Kegel" Allen, Co-Author

"Rest easy knowing that when called upon, you will be ready when it matters."

"Bambi" Wherry, Co-Author

"Talented pilots and parents are worthless if they are unable to communicate."

"Shock" May, Co-Author

"Have the courage to take a leap of faith, change your career, and try something new."

"Apollo" Taylor, Co-Author

"Small decisions you make every day directly influence your outcome."

"Dirty" Byrd, Co-Author

"Desire to be the best at whatever you do."

"Tuck" Cohen, Co-Author

"When rule following is counterproductive, think for yourself and act accordingly."

"Slice" Teich, Founder & Author

"I have winning or learning experiences...I don't fail, I learn."

"Cajun" Del Bagno, R.I.P.

"Just be a good dude."

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