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We only have 20 15 spots available

If You Are (or Have Been) A Military Fighter Pilot,

Then You Too Can Have Access To A Proven Framework To Publish Your Story And Help A Children's Cancer Non-Profit

WITHOUT Overload, Overwhelm, & Burnout!

Single Seat Wisdom

Volume 3

Watch ONLY if you are a Fighter Pilot

 Reserve Your Chapter By 

 January 1, 2023 






  • Become a published author the RIGHT way

  • 100% of the proceeds go to charity

  • 20 chapters each written by a different fighter pilot

  • Easier than a high-school book report

  • Achieve SUCCESS by using our proven strategy 

  • Avoid the pain of cover and interior design

  • Leverage our professional design team

  • Don't worry about all the tedious details

100% of the proceeds are donated to a children's cancer non-profit.

Anna Schindler Foundation
Visit the children's cancer foundation here

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Tap into an existing framework to leverage the value of fighter pilots that have already published their story.

  • You Must Be A Fighter Pilot

  • Simply Write Your Story

  • I'll Take Care Of Everything Else

2023 Timeline:

  • Sign up by January 1st

  • Rough draft due May 5

  • Submit manuscript July 4

  • Published Veteran's Day

  • I'll deal with all the boring and tedious details.

    Level up...

    Fast & Effective

    It's FIGTHER PILOT story time!

    It's our time to give back through short stories in a published book!

    Don't let your WISDOM die...


    People don't throw away books... 

    Etch your lessons in history.

    Don't chance it!

    Amazon Best Seller

    Avoid the hassle of doing it all yourself!

    Both books are #1 best sellers on Amazon multiple times.

    Access Bulk Author Copies

    Don't pay full price - $237+ value.

    Press Release & Magazines

    We promote via national press release & magazines - $499 + $4,788.


    I pay to advertise your book on our website - $1,298.

    Professional Design

    Cover and interior professionally designed - $2,359.

    Professional Editor

    Our editor will catch all the mistakes so don't worry! $2,997.

    Marketing Package

    We leverage a 25+ year marketing veteran to guarantee success! $1,982.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    I put in 110% effort on each individual project, so I’m convinced that you will love your published book. Therefore, I am offering you an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee if your story does not get published. I’ll refund every penny you paid, with absolutely no questions asked.


    "Short chapters filled with easily consumed advice and inspiration for young people, the busy professional, and military enthusiasts. I wanted to launch into the next chapter almost before finishing the previous. Real stories from real people and all proceeds go to charity. Highly recommended!"

    About Single Seat Wisdom Volume 3

    • 20 unique chapters

    • 20 spots available

    • 800-1500 word chapters

    • My personal guarantee 

    • Many topics considered

    • Published or money back


    "Siren" Balzhiser

    "Creature" Cretella

    "Freddy" Kreuder

    "Dirty" Byrd



    "Creature" Cretella

    "Freddy" Kreuder

    "Dirty" Byrd


    "Slice" Teich

    I'm cruising through Single Seat Wisdom and loving it! I appreciate the relatability of these fighter pilots. It quickly drew me in and made me realize we don't consider how much you all have every day, normal issues to spearhead on top of all the responsibilities of being a fighter pilot!

    - Nicole Drank, Working Professional

    I never really thought about the nature and attitude of the American fighter pilot - driven, ambitious, competitive - but after some thought on the subject, I suppose it makes perfect sense. Makes me wish I could roll back the clock and see if I had the cha-chas to push the envelope.

    - Jeff Hanrath, Business Owner

    As a kid, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Turns out I ended up in the "single seat" as an entrepreneur. This collection of wisdom from men and women who have served our country applies to business and life. I can see how this will make a great gift for both clients and family members. 

    - Scott Whitaker, Entrepreneur

    I found Single Seat Wisdom while searching for aviation books to read. Having earned my private pilot's license, I received more than I was expecting out of the book. I stayed up until 1:30 am reading it cover-to-cover.

    - Anthony Deciechi, Private Pilot


    Don't Wait! Join Our Elite Group

    From the Desk of Fighter Pilot & Founder, Dominic "Slice" Teich:

    Fellow Fighter Pilots,

    I remember the time when I thought publishing a book was impossible... I struggled to get my first book finished. Instead of being able to move past it and make progress, I got stuck.

    As I pieced together all the intricate details, I had this sinking feeling that it would never be published... It was so frustrating, and I felt like I would never achieve my goal. I was faced with a choice - keep working at it, or leave it and come back... maybe never.

    Why am I telling you this?

    If you have ever been stuck with a problem you were trying to solve, I'm hoping you will relate to what I'm sharing with you now.

    What I found was eye opening. 

    The solution was staring me right in the face. I discovered the best way to keep moving forward was to partner with someone else to avoid failure.

    Being a fighter pilot, like you, I didn't give up. The person I'm describing is a rare commodity; a well-honed warrior that has powerful and unique perspectives.

    This realization was such a relief and prevented me from walking away from a project that has helped so many searching for success.

    The experiences that the military has exposed you to in the fighter pilot arena are unlike anything else in the world. Others look to you for the answers in tough situations that require The Right Stuff.

    The right stuff is waiting to be set free.

    • Now is your chance.

    • This is your red carpet opportunity to give-back.

    • This will attract attention, and your friends will envy you!

    We share impactful lessons through short-stories... like a fighter pilot debrief.

    I have assembled a team to make this happen.

    • Avoid the classic pitfall of starting a book but never finishing it.

    • Overcome the giant roadblock that all authors face - the tedious details...

    • Visualize yourself holding your published book in your hand!

    Why Trust Me?

    You can take other options, but here are few considerations:

    • I've done this before

    • We have a proven process 

    • I'll work non-stop until finished

    • Our process takes care of all the heavy lifting

    Your story provides a vector to readers and positively affects families that have children going through childhood cancer treatments... A DOUBLE WAMMY!

    We have a process and plan that is EASY to follow.

    Our effective and proven strategies will get this book to print.

    I will lead you down an efficient path, minimizing the pain involved in writing a book.

    Most fighter pilots will keep shooting their watches in the bar and keep dreaming about how their story could reach more people, but only a FEW who are serious about becoming a published author with significant influence in their communities will ACT.

    Since you've read this invitation for Single Seat WISDOM Volume 2 this far, I think you are one of the few elite ones...

    One of the humble, credible, respectable, and honest fighter pilots that the Anna Schindler Cancer Foundation and I can count on in a pinch.

    You can take many paths to get the finish line and potentially fail.


    Use our proven process to pass WISDOM to future generations... forever.

    Be bold, take the challenge, become a published author by reserving your chapter today.


    P.S. If you are looking for a quick recap... here it is.

    When you reserve your chapter, you'll access our proven framework that includes step-by-step instructions on how your fighter pilot wisdom can be a part of a REAL book. 

    Get started now - enter your name, email and a brief message by clicking here:



    OUR #1 VALUE


    • Don't worry about the tedious details.

    • Don't stress about the editing process.

    • Avoid the pain of designing the interior.

    • Leverage our team's ability to publish and go!

    • Sit back and I'll do all the dirty work.

    • Avoid failing to reach your goal before you even start.

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    IS NOT...

    • Not for someone unwilling to write an 800-1500 word chapter.

    • There is work involved... but it's only as much as a high school book report. 

    • Won't work if you don't have a short story.

    • Having trouble writing your story? Consider using a ghost writer - or write your story and we will help you edit and perfect it.

    • Worried about editing and proof-reading?

    • My team will take care of all the professional editing and formatting

    • Additional support for kids with cancer...

    • These books support more than fanatical readers... proceeds support families with kids going through childhood cancer treatments. For only $499, you'll be an author and donate directly to the Anna Schindler Foundation. (Sign up and I'll send you the details!)

    • If books don't interest you, this isn't a good fit.

    • Don't like books? We publish Single Seat Wisdom in digital formats too.


    IS ...

    • A rare collection of impactful fighter pilot stories.

    • Imagine holding your book! Give it to your friends, read it to your kids, tell others how they can access this treasure trove of WISDOM.

    • Capture and publish your story without the hassle...

    • Provide wisdom to others for a lifetime and give your book to them as a gift!

    • 100% of the proceeds to charity.

    • Contributions go directly to the Anna Schindler Foundation - send me no money!

    • Think about how envious your friends will be...

    • Put your book on the coffee table, bathroom shelf, or show it to your friends!



    • What topics are considered?

    • Aside from politically charged topics, we have a broad scope and are open to many stories. If you want to see what we published, you can purchase Single Seat Wisdom Volume 1 or sign up and I'll send you one for FREE.

      >> CLICK HERE to view Volume 1
    • What is the timeline & expectation?

    • (1) Sign up by July 24, 2022. 

      (2) Donate $499 with the link I send to you (The Anna Schindler Foundation). 

      (3) Write your chapter and email it to me prior to August 19, 2022. 

      (4) I'll take care of all the tedious details and PUBLISH Single Seat Wisdom Volume 2 on Veteran's Day 2022!!!!!

    • Am I allowed to promote something personal or business related?

    • Yes! We have authors in Single Seat Wisdom Volume 1 that promoted their businesses, blogs, podcasts, and online presence. 

    Fighter Pilot Stories

    ...helping kids with Cancer

    ...with a Brand New Book!


    July 24, 2022

    (Finally, a project that lasts forever!)







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    What You Get:

    YES - I Want All Of This Right Now!

  • Access Bulk Author Copies

  • $237+

  • Press & Magazine Promotion

  • $5,287 

  • Online Advertising

  • $1,298

  • Professional Design

  • $2,359

  • Professional Editor

  • $2,997

  • Marketing Package

  • $1,982

  • Money-Back Guarantee If Your Story Isn't Published!

  • Let's do this together.

    I guarantee your story will be published.

    Others will be grateful that you helped them.

    My team will get us to the finish line.

    Dominic "Slice" Teich


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